Ride or Die

First off—hi yall! It’s so nice to see your shiny faces. Comic Con was a smorgasbord of awesome. Kristen Stewart won a zillion cool pts for being a Rilo Kiley fan, Joss Whedon made me tear up a little bit, Jeff and the gang are even more hilarious irl, and I got to stay in a crazy expensive hotel! Funs(that’s right, fun with an s!) was had all around, and I can’t wait until next year!

More than anything, Comic Con was all about hardcore fan-ness and I’ve come to a realization. When it comes to my shows, I’m a ride or die chick. When things go to Crapsville, Mr. VW can easily peace out (e.g. Falling Skies), but I just can’t quit True Blood. Sweet Baby Jesus on a tuna cracker…with every new episode the show finds whole new ways to disappoint me, but like a car wreck, I just can’t look away. It’s crazy but I’m attached to these crazy people and their crazy story even when it comes off a little whack. Well, a lot whack. At any rate, I’m locked down for the long haul. :/

I’ve gotten a couple of emails about peeps missing my SOA recaps (can’t waiiit for that show to come back), and I was meaning to do True Blood recaps because, why not? but then I was worried that it would consist of a big ole sad face so decided against it.

But I miss blogging…and blogging is kinda like going to the gym–once you make up an excuse to not go, it becomes easier and easier to make up an excuse to kind of never go again.

So crying about all the ways one of my fave shows makes me want to pull my hair out will be my reinitiation back into the blogosphere!

Here we goooo…

True Blood just clocked in episode 7 of season 5 so they’ve breezed past the half way mark. I can basically sum up the season in 5 words: fundamentalist vamp turning hot mess. True Blood used to be all about making us think about social issues in fun, interesting ways but now it’s so heavy handed that your face perpetually cringes.

I’m just gonna hit the highlights.

–Russell is back, bitches! This guy used to just tickle me pink with his Southern drawl. Did I ever tell you guys I’m a transplant from the South? Anyways, no one butchers the Southern accent quite like the cast of True Blood.

–Everything with the hate group that’s been targeting supes is straight up dumb. And a bore. You can do so much better, Hoyt.

–Alcide fights with the random wolf chick for something or another showdown with the other wolf guy who isn’t nearly as cute as the V wolf from a couple of seasons back. (Sidebar: I snapped a picture of the V wolf from season 3 at Comic Con as me and Mr. VW were recharging our batteries with some yum Subway in the Gaslamp Quarter. Our convo pretty much went like this:

Me: Oh my gosh–he’s somebody important!!

Mr. VW: *looks at the guy* He is?

Me: Yes! He’s…um…that guy! He’s been in a lot of stuff!!

Mr. VW: Like what?

Me: *crickets* Well I can’t think of it now! *The traffic guy lets him cross* OMG I better snap a picture. *snaps it*

And then I spent like twenty minutes combing IMDB. Turns out his name is Grant Bowler. 🙂 It’s blurry I know b/c I only had my crap cell phone, but you can kinda tell it’s him. Sorta.

–Awww Arlene watches her wedding video and gets all sniffley. Want to know what made me shed a tear or two? The bit with Jessica and Hoyt. 😦 😦 😦 Whyyyy Alan Ball and Co.?!? Jessica and Hoyt were so good together!!! Ugh.

–And then there was Stripper Tara! Still not sure how I’m digging what they’re doing with her character, but she and Pam on screen have the beginnings of something interesting. Irregardless, check out this chick’s guns! They’re like, Michelle O status.

–Pam’s hair. Pam’s hair. Pam’s. Crimped. Hair. The Walmart sweatsuit was adorbs, maybe even a little kitsch-y. But this is too far.

–The whole bit where the Authority Vamps and Bill and Eric get high off Lilith…I don’t even know what to say…there are just no words. Why are you on a cab, Bill?

And that was pretty much it. Oh and Sookie is blasting the sky with her glow fingers because she thinks it’ll make her human. And Godric had a Touched by An Angel moment with Eric.



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2 Responses to Ride or Die

  1. valloryv says:

    OMG! You are so my heroine for mentioning Comic Con. My husband and I are going to the one in Dallas for his birthday this year and I may (not promising) post pics. I’m planning on going as Storm, but he wants to go as Monica Rambeau from the Captain Marvel series. With a some padding and some extensions, I think I can pull off either. LOL!

    • Ooo if you go as Storm you *have* to post pics! 🙂 I didn’t do any dressing up-age at Comic Con this year but next year, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go as Zoe from Firefly.

      I had to look up Monica R. (hangs my geek head in shame) and I’ll have to add her to the list of kick ass woc from comics! Have fun at your Con…they’re such an awesome experience!

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