Do Not Disturb 2!!!!


If you’re a fervent follower, you know that I’ve been plucking away, putting the next installment in Keisha and Jake’s story to paper/screen. I am so happy to announce that Do Not Disturb 2, the follow-up to my Amazon and ARe bestselling story, Do Not Disturb, is finally complete!

Here’s the cover:

Keisha Wallace is on cloud nine. She was awarded a prestigious full scholarship to Mauryville State and can quit her job as a maid at Winterhorn Inn and Suites and focus on her education and raising her son. The cherry on top is that her devilishly handsome boyfriend, Senator Jake Cunningham, bought a house in town so they can begin to build a life together. 

But not everyone is singing the new couple’s praises. Jake’s billionaire entrepreneur father thinks dating Keisha is a disgrace and puts destroying their union at the top of his to-do list. Will they be able to weather the storm together, or will the drama destroy them?

And is there ever drama…to say I had fun squaring off Keisha vs. Jake’s uppity father, Conrad and other tasty tidbits, just doesn’t quite do it justice. 😉

It’s live on SW, and will be up hopefully by tomorrow on AZ and BN.



Because I really enjoy writing IR erotic rom and I love every single one of my readers and take their constructive criticism, hopes, and issues to heart, I’ve decided to try my hand at a full length erotic romance.

I’m excited, but a little afraid as well. Seriously yall…I have Writer’s ADD. That’s why shorts worked so well for me in the past. But I’m always up for a challenge and I’ve already started fleshing out my first novel-length work.

What does this mean?

I’ve been a busy bee, pumping out shorter works once a week-every two weeks. It’s highly unlikely that regularity will continue. But I’m hoping that my first IR novel will knock your socks off and be worth the wait. And if not, I can always backtrack to my short story roots. 🙂

A big ole ‘Gracias!’ to everyone that has supported me thus far…and the best is yet to come!


About violetwilliamserotica

I'm an erotica writer that spends my days camped out at coffee shops, weaving naughty tales that aren't for the faint of heart.
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