I secretly just wanted a reason to post some classic RHCP. 😉

But for reals, I wanted to update you guys on the haps.

As far as Do Not Disturb 2:

It’s happening! But I’ve had a lot of comments on length (readers wishing it was longer and I went into Jake and Keisha’s background more), so your wish is my command! It definitely won’t be full length because I prefer to write short story/novella length stories. Maybe at some point I’ll get back to writing novel length works, but not any time soon because my mind is bursting with ideas and I’m just too ADD to buckle down and stick with one story for the amount of time that’s required to do a novel length story.

I am shooting for Do Not Disturb 2 to be at least 20k. No release date as of yet, but I’m trucking along!

New works:

I just wrapped up a IR erotica short, titled In His Eyes. Not gonna lie, I may have been inspired when I was jamming out to Peter Gabriel earlier in the week (and my aunt’s confessional about teacher’s getting buck wild at conferences and such).

The story is about a teacher who has a thing for her co-worker and now that he’s single, is ready to finally make her move. It should be live on Amazon and BN by Sunday, up on ARe by tomorrow once I get the final draft proofed and the cover all shiny and spectacular.

Since it’s short, around 4500 words, I’m gonna price it at $0.99.

And I haven’t forgotten about Logan and Tasha (My Hero, My Lover/superhero IR). I’m just having a bit of writer’s block and I don’t want to sacrifice quality just to get something out.

Taboo Tale Trilogy Prequel:

I’ve been so wrapped up in my foray into IR that the prequel has kinda taken a back burner. I am planning on having it shorter than the other stories in the trilogy, probably 5-7k and priced at 0.99 instead of 2.99. I’ll keep you guys posted.

And that’s pretty much it.


About violetwilliamserotica

I'm an erotica writer that spends my days camped out at coffee shops, weaving naughty tales that aren't for the faint of heart.
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