Passiones Martyrum Interview

I’m really stoked because one of my twitter (and Erotic Meet) bff’s and a SUPER talented guy is swinging by for an interview today. Just take a look at the painting below…it gives me chills in all the right ways:

Welcome Passiones Martyrum to the blog, yall!

Tell us about yourself in fifteen words or less.
I’m a Fetish artist, living in Milan, Italy. I paint sinners as Saints and/or Martyrs.

How do you define “erotic”?
Something that makes my mouth water, overwhelms my chest and occasionally causes me an erection.

What makes erotica different than other genres (besides the knockage of boots)?
For me, working on erotica is the same as cooking, but you can’t say that you deal with it because it’s unseemly.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
Just like many other Italian children my upbringing was a Catholic one, which marked me with a feverish and sadomasochistic erotic imagination. That’s why I started to paint sinners as Saints and/or Martyrs. I don’t know if it’s a sort of self-therapy, but I do enjoy it. I merge Gothic, Baroque and half of Art History with the Fetish Culture. My passion is to take a low-fi, low-quality, soft porn digital picture and remake it with the style and techniques of the Old Masters.

What sets you apart from other erotic work out there?
I don’t know but maybe the fact that I live in XVII Century.

Pick one of your erotic works–if it were made into a movie, who’d play the various characters and why?
For the character of the Tormentor, De Niro (he’s so violent in Raging Bull, so disturbing in Angel Heart), for the Martyr I choose Kate Winslet (so beautiful and torrid), and for the glorious Saint a beautiful bodybuilder like Jodie Marsh.

Where can readers connect with you and find your work online? 

**Wild! Question: Tell us about your ‘lightbulb’ moment/when you decided to embark on a career in the erotic field.**
When I found out I had a sudden need for money and that my artworks deserved to be bought. 😉


About violetwilliamserotica

I'm an erotica writer that spends my days camped out at coffee shops, weaving naughty tales that aren't for the faint of heart.
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One Response to Passiones Martyrum Interview

  1. Audri London says:

    My, my…that painting belongs in my bedroom. Awesum interview, Vi! Heading over to his blog now to check out his other work. If the painting you posted is any indication, maybe I should get a glass of water first…

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