All I Want For XXXmas…

I have first day of school jitters because 25 Days of XXXmas is officially underway, yall!

Just as a refresher for any new readers, I’m recapping what the heck is going on about my blog for the next 25 days. Anyone who’s familiar can skip on down to the Sexy Santa. 🙂

What is the 25 Days of XXXmas?

The 25 Days of XXXmas is an erotic extravaganza, hosted by Violet Williams @

During the 25 Days of XXXmas (which will run from December 1-December 25), readers will be able to connect with their favorite erotica writers and discover new authors via:

-Interviews with the indie community’s most sizzling erotica writers

-Download free X-mas themed flash fiction

-and loads of other erotic delights!

As an extra Xmas bonus, every reader that comments, follows a blog, or RT’s a XXXmas tweet will be entered into a drawing to win a Kindle Touch!

Kindle Touch Contest Rules

How Entries Work For The Contest

You can rack up entries for the Kindle Touch Contest in the following ways:

-Follow this blog (Violet Williams Erotica:  There’s a nifty button on the left of your screen.

-Comment on blog posts on this blog from Dec. 1 through Dec. 25.

-Follow the blogs of indie authors being spotlighted (interviewed, guest posts, flash fic) on this blog from Dec. 1-Dec. 25. If you do this option, make sure you comment and state that you’re following for the 25 Days of XXXmas Kindle contest!

-Follow @avioletmuse on Twitter AND direct message/mention me and let me know that you followed me for the contest

-Follow @avioletmuse AND any of the indie authors being spotlighted on this blog from Dec. 1-Dec. 25. Make sure you direct message me/mention me and let me know that you followed (insert Twitter ID) for the contest.

-Retweet Tweets with the hashtag #twentyfivedaysofxxxmas. There should be oodles from me and around the twitterverse.

This part’s the biggie…you get a separate entry each time you do each step above!

Obviously, you can only follow this blog and follow each author once on Twitter, but the more you comment on the blog, follow indie authors spotlighted here on this blog and RT 25 Days of XXXmas tweets, the more entries you get to win the Kindle!

Entries will be tallied on December 24 and a random number generator will be used to determine the winner.  The winner will be announced on Xmas.

*Fine print: Indie authors/creatives participating in this event are disqualified from winning the Kindle Touch*

Event Calendar

December 1:            Virgin post by yours truly!

December 2:            Flash Fiction Friday

Jenevieve DeBeers Interview

December 3:            Ginny Michaels Interview

December 4:            Malia Mallory Guest Blog

December 5:            Amelia James Interview

December 6:            Sandra Bunino Interview

December 7:            Helen Slater Guest Blog

December 8:            Jasmine Dayne Interview

December 9:            Flash Fiction Friday

Katie Cramer Interview

December 10:          Ginny Michaels Guest Blog

December 11:          Molly Moore Interview

Christian Jensen Guest Blog

December 12:          Amber Drake Interview

December 13:          Sessha Batto Guest Blog

December 14:          Rachel Boleyn Interview

December 15:          Elizabeth N. Spire Guest Blog

Christian Jensen Interview

December 16:          Flash Fiction Friday

Passiones Martyrum

December 17:          Malia Mallory Interview

December 18:          Lane Masters Interview

December 19:          Sessha Batto Interview

December 20:         Victrix Verdigris Guest Blog

December 21:          Delilah Fawkes Interview

Sandra Bunino Guest Blog

December 22:          Cherry Allen Interview

December 23:          Flash Fiction Friday

Interview with Joanna Angel from

December 24:          Lea Fox Interview

December 25:          Winner of the Kindle Touch announced!

So there ya have it…x-tacular, smutastic fun to be had by all! 🙂

As wholesome as this time of the year tends to make us, we all know the ’tis better to give than to receive’ is a little untrue…getting free stuff is one of the many perks of the holidays!

Here’s what I’m hoping is beneath my tree:

1.) The Sqweel

-I’m generally more of a bullet vibe kinda gal, but Santa can bring me a dozen little tongues anytime! 🙂

2.) An Ipad

-Mr. VW is vehemently anti-Mac, but their stuff is so shiny and awesome.

3.) Two Tickets for A Gamer Cruise (

-I’m a geek and Settlers of Catan + The Caribbean+ A Mf’n Cruise Ship= best thing since sliced bread.

4.) Retro Awesomeness

Mid Century yellow fondue set with teak legs

Mid Century Yellow Fondue Set

Retro Inspired Owl Wall Sculpture Hand Cut hand Painted Solid Wood

Retro Owl Wall Sculpture

retro vintage streetgirls and sailors print

Retro Street Girls and Sailors Print

(I helped Santa out with this one…it’s gonna look divine in my office!!!)

Beware pickpockets flask retro vintage new orleans rockabilly pin up

Beware Retro Flask

Custom Wall Decal - Retro-Vintage Kitchen Cooking Quote

Retro Wall Decal

5.) A new tat

I’m still bouncing between an animal print a la something like this:

Or an art nouveau piece:

Naturally, I’ll make it my own since it’s branded on my body, but I figured I’d share inspiration pics. I’m a visual person. 😀

So that’s what I’m hoping for this year…what’s on yall’s list? Share it in the comments! 🙂


About violetwilliamserotica

I'm an erotica writer that spends my days camped out at coffee shops, weaving naughty tales that aren't for the faint of heart.
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8 Responses to All I Want For XXXmas…

  1. Jesse says:

    I’ll take that flask for Xmas…and maybe the chick up front with the candy cane…
    The biggest thing on my list is a Kindle Fire. Though I wouldn’t object to that Kindle Touch you’re giving away either. 😀

  2. symes4u says:

    I want to be the candy cane in the top pix. Pleeeeease.

  3. ambersdrakes says:

    Ooh yeah I’ll take those first two pressies under my tree too 😀

    I’m so excited that it’s finally started!

  4. Katie Cramer says:

    Here we go! What a fantastic smutty countdown this is, Violet! Oh…and for Christmas I’d like good health and some new high heels. Ha! Hope my hubby’s reading this…

  5. Molly says:

    This is an amazing project Violet and I am really excited about being part of it. What do I want for Christmas? It is very simple really, to wake up next to him and enjoy a couple of peaceful hours snuggled up together under the duvet enjoying the peace and quiet before the madness arrives. Those couple of precious hours that will be ALL ABOUT US and nothing else are all I really want for Christmas, anything else will just be icing on the cake after that.


  6. Jenevieve says:

    Love the Christmas girl picture at the top, going down on the candy cane. That got me in the XXXmas spirit.

  7. Pingback: Ho Ho Ho! Get Ready for a Smutty Christmas! |

  8. Tamara says:

    Ooo I’d like some high heels too and I’ve had my eye on a garter belt and stockings as well. Santa doesn’t need to be in my business though, so I’ll get them as a gift to myself.

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