Tell Me You Love Me.

Tara said it twice during last night’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, each time her voice a razor to the carotid. I immediately jetted back to an early episode this season. Ima pulled a gun in the clubhouse and Tara looked at her with death in her eyes, telling her she better sleep with that piece. I had to double take. Tara was no longer the bundle of nerves she started off as, the straight-laced doctor with a tramp stamp and a heart of gold.

And last night she solidified her metamorphosis in a big way.

*Spoilers below if you haven’t seen last night’s eppy…and if you haven’t, what the hell are you waiting for?!*

The highlights:

-I’ll discuss my disappointment with the fact that Clay’s still breathing later. When Opie saw that he wasn’t taking a dirt nap, he immediately moved to finish the job. I literally was screaming “Head shot! Head shot!” Unfortunately, Jax shot the gun out of Op’s hand. Boo-face.

-The Cat Is Out Of The Bag!!!!

Gemma finally came clean about Clay’s homicidal tendencies and laid all out on the table with Tara and Jax.

Hallelujah! But naturally, she was trying to manipulate Jax into staying in Charming.

-Tara becoming Dr. Kevorkian at the end of the episode was so delicious. And when we learned that she was really holding the strings instead of Gemma, well, it made up for the meh-ness of the rest of the episode.

The meh:

-Clay’s still breathing. Ugh.

-I talked to Mr. VW and he and I both agreed that Danny Trejo is being criminally underused.

-Tig going all road rage on Leroy and killing his woman because Clay got lit up like Xmas Morning just felt false. I mean Clay has been a neon sign of sketchiness all season and the fact that he beat the crap out of his wife shouldn’t have completely flown out the window. Tig isn’t a complete idiot…how could he not figure that something else might have been in play? I get him feeling guilty, but flying off the freaking hinge. Nah.

-“He’s gotta die…like, a lot.” I know it was meant to be funny, but Happy’s character is just a damn waste of space. I may or may not still be sore about them killing off Half-Sack.

-Looking back after the conclusion of the episode, Tara’s controlled reaction to learning that her almost-father-in-law was gunning for her made a lot of sense. She’d kinda warmed to the idea of Clay being a bastard considering she read the letters and Clay’d threatened her not even 24 hours prior.

The biggest shock was Jax’s almost underwhelmed reaction to finding out that his father wasn’t completely a bastard. He spent practically two seasons being conflicted and simultaneously loving and hating JT. When he finds out that Clay had a hand in killing his dad AND was trying to off the mother of his children…he practically didn’t react at all. It was disappointing because in the past, Jax completely losing his shit is a beautiful thing.

Last night’s eppy was P.1 so the conclusion to this season is just around the river bend. I’m waiting with bated breath!

And in smut-tastic news, tomorrow is the first day of 25 Days of XXXmas! I have so many cool treats for you guys (not to mention plenty of opps for you to win a Kindle Touch!)

See this link for rules on how to win: Kindle Touch Contest Rules.

And here’s an updated list of Indie Erotic Creatives participating in the event:

(Yours Truly!)

Violet Williams


Helen Slater


Amber Drake


Sessha Batto


Sandra Bunino


Elizabeth N. Spire

Victrix Verdigris


Rachel Boleyn


Delilah Fawkes


Jasmine Dayne


Cherry Allen


Ginny Michaels

Malia Mallory


Katie Cramer


Carl Chelsea

Passiones Martyrum




Molly Moore


Christian Jensen


And Joanna Angel from is swinging by for an interview and a gift for readers that sign up on her x-tacular site (I mean for reals–tatted up, naked ladies are a beautiful thing).

Don’t forget to swing back on by tomorrow, yall!



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One Response to Tell Me You Love Me.

  1. Jesse says:

    Aw you don’t like Happy? He’s one of my faves..he’s completely nuts!

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