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So things are gonna be a little sporadic around here until Dec. 1 and I wanted to give yall a little update (and recap SOA, of course! :D)

My last post detailed my X-mas partay that I’m hosting here at Violet Williams Erotica…and guys, it’s gonna be a helluva good time. Here’s the participating authors/creatives slated to rock your socks off thus far:

Yours Truly ūüėÄ

Helen Slater

Amber Drake

Sessha Batto

Sandra Bunino

Elizabeth N. Spire

Victrix Verdigris

Rachel Boleyn

Delilah Fawkes

Jasmine Dayne

Cherry Allen

Ginny Michaels

Malia Mallory

Katie Cramer

Carl Chelsea

Passiones Martyrum

Christian Jensen

And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you…best selling erotica writers Rachel Boleyn, Jasmine Dayne, and Delilah Fawkes are coming to town!!! *Does a happy dance* I feel like I need to break out the good silver! ūüôā These fantastic, dirty, dirty, minded women are my inspiration. And I’m hoping that having them and tons of other quality indie erotica writers hanging out with us for 25 days will inspire you guys to do a little one handed reading. ūüėČ Oh and you win stuff. Stay tuned!

Now without further ado, here’s your weekly dose of gangsta, spoiler-filled awesome. Scroll down or come back when you’ve watched this week’s episode if you have virgin eyes!

Opie delivered such hurt and straight up rage when he found his dad, Piney, gunned down and learned that Clay was behind it, killing yet another loved one of his in cold blood. ¬†When I watched the scene with him crying over his pop’s body last week, I looked over at Mr. VW and said, “I’m pretty sure Opie has saved this generally meh season just now.” This week, he further proved my point.

The highlights:

-Gemma warning Clay about Opie knowing about what he’d done and the fact that he probably wanted to put two in his head. When she walked up to him and told him she loved him and kissed him like he hadn’t beaten her face to a bloody frakkin pulp, I got chills. ¬†It was pretty obvious to me that she was saying goodbye…whether she was wishing/hoping/thinking/planning on Opie killing Clay wasn’t the point. ¬†I’m pretty sure she has something meaty planned for Clay. ¬†Maybe a fate worst than death.

-Wendy (the lesbian! how did Kurt Sutter know about my secret crush on Jersey Shore-tastic ‘Drea?!?) will. not. be. moved. ¬†She wants to see her son, in spite of her rocky drugged out past. ¬†She even makes a valid point that out of all of them, she may be the most stable person for Abel. ¬†Thinking back on what she said, I had to agree. ¬†The MC life is no place for a family…all this crazy beheading shit/baby farm/muling coke drama just further proves it. ¬†In the sick, twisted world of Sons of Anarchy, Abel might be better off with ex meth whore mother. ¬†It pains me to say that…because I’ve been Team Tara/Jax with a white picket fence from the gate. ūüė¶

-Lastly. The Moment. ¬†The Moment I’d been waiting for since Evil Clay knocked Clay-from-the-rest-of-the-seasons over the head and started mucking stuff up.

Opie exacts his revenge!!!!!!!….kinda.

After saying goodbye to his pops, Opie makes it plain that he’s gunning for Clay, shoots Jax’s tire and blazes over to the clubhouse. ¬†The chase scene was super well done, yall. ¬†The music was perfect…the suspense! the thrill!… and I was very appreciative of Jax accidentally rear ending someone. ¬†It added some realism…in the movies, that shit never happens.

Opie beats Jax to the clubhouse and he’s ready to send Clay to meet his maker. ¬†When Opie reminds him about Donna (aw I miss her. ¬†the porn chick was such a downgrade), Clay makes the stupid decision to tell him that “that’s history, man!” Um, say what? Cold blood killing someone’s SO never gets old. ¬†Also, being all flippant about murder when someone has a gun on you probably isn’t wise.

Jax finally arrives and pulls out a gun talking some nonsense about club business and how Opie should bring this before the club? ¬†That part kinda confused me. ¬†Jax is ready to jump ship…why the hell does he care? And Opie just told him that Clay murdered not only his loving, totes adorbs 1st wife but his pops too, not too mention he damn near put Gemma in the ICU. ¬†Since when is he president of the Clay Fan Club? [Edited to add-I just talked with a friend about this and she brought up a good point…he’s trying to make some cash so he can get the hell outta dodge…Clay being dead puts all their illegal moneymaking in jeopardy and his escape boat would sink.]

Anywho, Jax threatens to shoot Opie but before he can, Opie puts two bullets in Clay’s chest. ¬†In TV world, unless you shoot em in the head, chest wounds can be explained away. Le sigh. I fear Clay has lived to *hopefully* die another day.

And that’s the highlights of this week’s decent episode. ¬†Once again, Opie (Ryan Hurst) carried this episode. ¬†Oh and also there was like, an illegal baby selling ring for your weekly bit of ‘meh’.

All in all, solid! I think next week is the finale, but don’t quote me. ¬†Either way, same time, same place next week, dear readers!


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