Chrome and Awesomeness

So this post is a little belated, but yesterday was a day of epic hot mess-ness.  Had some plumbing issues which turned my nifty kitchen into an indoor pool…

Nude Swimming Pool Sex

(definitely not as fun as this)

So I spent my day dealing with that and making the trek to the laundromat and all that fun stuff.  On the plus side, the chairs weren’t *that* uncomfortable and I got a lot of work done on my halloween themed erotica “Laced Up” for the competition.  Oh and also some Jehovah Witness chick tried to save my soul for like 30 minutes.  You gotta admire persistence.

Anywho, Sons of Anarchy FINALLY got back to their roots of awesome!

This week’s eppy, “With an X” totally delivered.  Spoilers abound, in case you haven’t seen it.

Just gonna hit the highlights:

-“With an X” basically picked up where it left off last week, with the missing brick and finger pointing.  Immediately Jax and Clay say that there was no way Juice took it (although we know that he’s the perp), so it had to be one of the prospects. It was nice to see that Juice had a bit of a conscience and was trying to figure out a way to get the brick back without getting anyone hurt.  There was THE epic grapple/shootout when one of the prospects saw that Juice unearthed the brick and was behind the whole thing.  Juice got the upper hand and shot the guy like 4 times in the head.  Like literally shooting his eyes out and covering himself with the guys blood.  I searched the internets for pics of the guys decimated head for those fucked up as me, but luckily for you guys, no cigar. It was pretty hardcore and I literally squealed when it went down.  Even Mr. VW was like, “Holy. Shit.”

-That skank porno whore Ima was back.  Opey had revenge sex with her because his wife doesn’t want to make a baby with him.  As hot as I think dating an outlaw would be in fantasy land, irl, it would suck.  It’s honestly no environment for a kid, so good for Opey’s pornstar wife for nipping that in the bud!

Back to Ima…this crazy chick pulled a GUN on the old ladies…with Jax/Tara’s kid in the line of fire.  So not smart.  Later on in the episode, I was gonna be REAL pissed b/c it looked like Jax was totally gonna hook up with Ima.  I was ready to write him off, but it was a bait and switch and he slammed her face into the vanity and hocked a loogie straight up on her bloody mess of a nose, telling her to keep her “rancid pussy” away from the club.  Straight up gangsta.

-The biggest WTF of the episode came when Clay basically talked to Romeo/Danny Trejo and set up a hit on Tara…then two seconds later acted all buddy-buddy with Jax.  Ugh…somebody’s gonna die this season.  I REALLY want it to be Clay, but it would be colossally more dramatic if it’s Tara.

I’m so happy that things are actually moving now and I can’t wait for next week’s eppy.

In writing-ish news, I made a nifty little promo for my blog/erotica featuring some of my hot covers and one of my favorite Black Keys songs, “Howlin’ For You”.  It’s short and sweet, and not too shabby if I say so myself. 😉


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2 Responses to Chrome and Awesomeness

  1. Huff says:

    Nice video. A great little “hook” that makes you want to know more. 😉

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