Old,crusty white guys

So yesterday was my first giveaway and I gave away 5 books!  If you missed it, shame on you, but don’t worry…I’m a very giving person and will probably have loads of more free smut for followers/commenters etc.

Last night was fun…went to the Sac Bike Kitchen with Mr. VW to get my bike tuned up and road worthy.  The volunteer that helped us was so hipster it was ridiculous and dissed my Motiv bike a little but it was all good.  “Cherry Bomb” (Mr. VW christened it! 🙂 only needed a little oiling and fine tuning and she’s almost as good as new!  Also, I learned how to adjust the brakes myself!  It was an educational and interesting time.  I’m all for DIY.

When we got back from the Bike Kitchen, we watched Sons of Anarchy and I’m not gonna lie…I was a little underwhelmed.  Minor spoilers so if you haven’t watched yet, skip down a para.  Not too much happened as far as in-your-face action.  The boys headed to AZ to meet up with SAMTAZ (the Arizona Sons) and found out that they were dealing crank.  Clay wins the Hypocrite of the Week award for acting all self righteous and yay for Bobby calling him on the BS.  Muling and dealing really ain’t all that different.  Gemma showed that she just might have a heart beneath all of that icey awesomeness and Piney is trying to save the club by any means necessary.  The eppy ended with SAMCRO getting an eyeful of a hardcore shipment of coke they’re ferrying up north…and shit got real.

I came to a realization last night why I’m so freaking obsessed with this show.  The motorcycles+outlaws definitely = win, but more than anything, I think it’s the old, crusty white guys.

I’ve always had a thing for Pearlman, way back to when he did Del Toro’s Cronos.  But it’s more than just him, it’s Bobby, it’s Piney.  In fact, that’s officially at the top of my spank bank.  A foursome with me, Clay, Bobby, and Piney, oxygen tank and all.

I’ve always had a thing for older white guys…maybe it’s the taboo-ness of it, the age gap.  I love the skin contrast and I’m all for a guy that actually knows what he’s doing and puts your getting off before his.  I like the wrinkles, the lines that are a roadmap of memories and experiences.

Mr. VW is 29, and I’ve already given him fair warning…if I stumble across Pearlman, or even someone Pearlman-like one of these days, anything goes.  😉


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I'm an erotica writer that spends my days camped out at coffee shops, weaving naughty tales that aren't for the faint of heart.
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